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The beautiful nativity scene that  had been displayed in front of Berkley’s city hall for decades.

An effort not taken is worse than defeat!

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Detroit News Article ~ November 7, 2007


Berkley Citizens Vote Yes to Christmas Holiday Display

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NOVEMBER 6, 2007

Yes, municipalities may sponsor religious displays!  It’s okay for government to portray the true meaning of Christmas.  Religious symbols such as a crèche or nativity scene may be displayed without offending the Constitution.  To determine the constitutionality of municipal religious displays, lower courts evaluate whether the religious display passes the Supreme Court’s three-prong Lemon test.  The Supreme Court has held that a display of a nativity scene is constitutional if it is displayed for legitimate secular purposes, such as to celebrate a holiday and to depict the origins of the holiday. Let’s celebrate the true meaning of Christmas in Berkley by including a nativity scene in the annual CHRISTMAS holiday display!

Merry Christmas!  It’s okay to say it and display it!


Nativity displays celebrating the national holiday of Christmas are legal.  Look to our surrounding cities that have upheld in recent years the inclusion of a nativity scene in their holiday displays:  Birmingham, Clawson, Madison Heights, Troy, Warren, to name a few!  Visit our Court Cases & Links for more info.


In 2006 the City Council members of Southfield, by a vote of 6—1, decided  to display both a Nativity scene and a menorah to celebrate the Christmas and Hanukah holidays.  They recognized that was the only right thing to do!

We need your support!  Please consider helping our efforts with your time, financial donations, and by spreading the word.  Go to

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Vote YES to Preserve the History and Sanctity of Christmas – Vote to keep our nativity scene where it has been for decades.  It’s the most important part of a holiday display, depicting the true, historical account of the holiday.


Vote YES to Participate in Democracy  – The people of Berkley get to decide what is right for our community, not some outside group like representatives from the liberal ACLU whose goal is to strip all forms of Christian religious expression in the public square.  Groups like the ACLU and their supporters enjoy using scare tactics to confuse voters and draw attention away from the fact that a nativity scene is indeed legal.


Vote YES to Acknowledge the Legality – The Supreme Court of the United States of America has ruled a nativity scene constitutional.  Locally, the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals (Doe v. City of Clawson, 915 F.2d 244 (1990), has upheld a holiday display that includes a nativity.  See Court Cases & Links.


Vote YES to Recognize Governments Neutrality in Religion – A Yes vote on the charter amendment is recognizing that “government must pursue a course of complete neutrality toward religion.” (John Paul Stevens, majority opinion, U. S. Supreme Court, Wallace v. Jaffree, June 4, 1985)


Vote YES to Welcome All to Our Community – Keeping our nativity in the holiday display is part of including citizens of all faiths.  Not having a nativity is specifically discriminating against citizens of the Christian faith.


Vote YES to Create Christmas – With all the creative, involved citizens and citizen groups in Berkley, a very tasteful and beautiful display can be enjoyed by the entire community for decades to come.





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Thank you Teresa!

Detroit News Article ~ October 15, 2007

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